Letters to the Editor for the Week of December 8

I have tried to alert Ladysmith Council to the impact of wood smoke on the environment and the health of citizens.

Wood Smoke Something To Choke On


A couple of times in the last five years, I have tried to alert Ladysmith Council to the impact of wood smoke on the environment and the health of citizens.

The informative article on Page 3 of the Dec. 1 Chronicle (Wood smoke a major health hazard, Page 3) should spur council into action. It is not that council is unaware of environmental matters, as has shown by the introduction of public transport, an electric refueling station on First Avenue, and just lately the rezoning of a parcel on Highway One for the operation of a used car lot, coupled with a requirement to promote and sell electric vehicles (but such an unfortunate location).

These however, are baby steps compared to what can be accomplished by banning the burning of wood for home heating in fireplaces and outside.

I realize that, except for outside burning of wood, one cannot simply ban these practices overnight, but other cities and towns have done so by firstly making it illegal to install wood burning furnaces or fireplaces in all new construction and major renovations. Secondly, with a time-line set for converting existing furnaces and fireplaces to electricity, gas or oil. This time-line can include subsidies in the initial years, and fines later on.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Vince DevriesLadysmith


Dear Santa:

Thank you for coming to our Pancake Breakfast again this year at Cedar Community Hall. We had such a good time doing the crafts, playing games, decorating cookies, and getting our nails and faces painted! But the highlight, of course, was that you made the time to visit, get pictures taken with us, and ask us what we would like for Christmas!

The NOAHS (North Oyster and Area Historical Society) elves were busy, too, getting the decorations done, cooking a yummy breakfast, and helping us with our fun activities. We were excited to hear the winners of the raffle, including Hank Aarsen, Andrea Smith, Leah McDougall, Jolene Edmunds, J. Apperson, Mitch Sanbrooks and Colleen Rice.

Again, many thanks to you, Santa, and all of the individuals and businesses who so generously support this annual tradition, from all of the kids and parents in our Area.

Barbara WatersNorth Oyster and AreaHistorical Society



I want to thank all the Town workers who spend their time making the Festival of Lights a Success…I know they are paid to do the work, but they also need to be congratulated for all their efforts. Thanks for doing a Super Job Town Employees.

Gord BarneyLadysmith


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