Letters: Syrian crisis — Canada is crying for buckets instead of plugging leak

Editor: I don’t understand.

If hundreds of Christians and Jews in Canada were being massacred by an anti-Christian terrorist group, would our political leaders be insisting that we must find a way to get as many Canadians out of Canada as possible — that countries around the world must make room for all our displaced Canadians?

Or, would they be crying for help to fight those internal terrorists who hate Canadians?

Why are they insisting that we must help empty Syria, Iraq and other countries of their people rather than helping them fight the terrorists who are massacring them?

Isn’t helping the terrorists get rid of thousands of peaceful people just a backhanded way of helping the terrorists?

It seems to me that our short-sighted leaders are akin to ones crying for more and more buckets to catch water flooding in from a breach in a dike rather than trying to plug the leak.

Paul M. Bowman,


Langley Times