Too many trees are being cleared in the name of development, writes Minghui Du. (Contributed photo)

LETTERS: South Surrey tree loss to development disappointing to see

Editor: The forests are disappearing rapidly


I moved to South Surrey four years ago. Before the move, I explored several cities in great Vancouver for my new residence. When I entered the South Surrey area, the forest, the trees made me like this area immediately.

In the last four years living here, I go for a walk almost every day near the forest, or walk the trails. I am also very proud to show the beautiful forests surrounding our residence to my friends.

Sadly, I am seeing more and more developments are going on in this area and the forests are disappearing rapidly!

Last year, the trees at the corner of King George Boulevard and 28 Avenue disappeared and that small forest was gone. Recently, when I walked along 28 Avenue, near 148 Street, I saw that more trees are down and I am guessing more development is going in that area.

I am very disappointed to see the disappearing of the forests!

Minghui Du, South Surrey

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