LETTERS: Slippery mind

Thank the heaven’s that waterslides aren’t made of newspaper.

Thank the heaven’s that waterslides aren’t made of newspaper.

Now I know full well how it feels when a person can’t get a word in edge-wise.

The Penticton Western News letter’s to the editor pages of late would be enough to build a slide that stretches from a paper moon and back?

Penticton Mayor Andrew Jakubeit said he is frustrated and rightly so,  as he fails to understand that no means no.

All those election promises  of transparency  along with thoughts to serve and protect the interests of  Penticton residents, appear to be mixed with baloney and have slid out a window — left open in a closed mind.

A slide rule isn’t required to figure out a one track mind resists the words back-track on a done deal made behind the back’s of those people whom gave mayor and council Pinocchio power.

Good luck Penticton reversing the proposed location for waterslides in your beautiful Skaha Lake Park

Anyway — thanks to all letter writer’s for the memory’s — opinions of good and trash that are now filed in print inside the dusty library of a sliding, slippery mind.

Tom Isherwood



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