LETTERS: Silence a part of the problem


Re: Exclusivity not for Canada, Nov. 18 column.


Re: Exclusivity not for Canada, Nov. 18 column.

I read Japreet Lehal’s Youth Voice column with glee. This wise and articulate young man put into words in a respectful way what went terribly wrong, in my opinion, during the U.S. election.

So many people and institutions failed to step up boldly enough when exaggerations, outright lies, racism and sexism reared their ugly heads.

We pride ourselves in diversity in Canada, but the truth is fear can easily tip the scales into hatred in any society, particularly if we, the people, are not vigilant.

I think his article should be plastered in bold letters in every school lunchroom, newsroom and political office across the country. We need more people like Lehal to speak up for what’s right.

Silence is part of the problem.

We are all responsible for regrettable outcomes when we do not, as a community, examine the racism and sexism lurking within ourselves and in others.

Maria Pavlik, Surrey




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