Letters: Seniors health care strategy requires federal input

Editor: The Canadian Medical Association estimates that if we had the home and community care infrastructure to look after seniors who are currently warehoused in Canadian hospitals, we could free up $2.3 billion a year in our health care system.

Canadians pay some of the highest drug prices in the world.

A national drug plan would save an estimated $11 billion. But a national seniors care strategy and a nation drug plan have something in common: they require leadership from our federal government.

Instead, the current federal government under Stephen Harper plans to cut $36 billion in health funding and refuses to meet with the provinces on health care.

The vast majority of Canadians want to see federal leadership in public health care.

All parties would be wise to provide voters with a compelling plan for strengthening the system we all rely on.

Edith MacHattie,

BC Health Coalition

Langley Times