LETTERS: Science, and those who follow its lead, will bring pandemic to an end

Vaccines, masks and physical distancing are the way through


Re: The ‘idiot lab rats’ are here to keep everyone safe, July 9 column

You have hit the topic of anti-vaxxers right on the head. Unfortunately, I really doubt that you will knock any sense into them by so doing.

I appreciate that you have tied it into the science of flight, as I, too, am a somewhat nervous flyer, although I know fully well that I should listen to the many who tell me that it is safer than riding in my car.

And, no, it’s not a miracle that keeps that airplane up in the air any more than it’s a miracle that has halted the high death toll, along with the misery and loneliness, of living in a world with COVID-19.

It’s science, it’s hard-working, dedicated professionals working around the clock to put an end to this nightmare we are living through.

It’s that person, mother, grandfather, good friend, beside you who cares enough to wear a mask, stay six feet away, and now to finally get vaccinated, when all they really want to do is run up and give you a hug.

Can we occasionally misuse these “advances” in science? Darn right we can.

I can think of no worse example than what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And perhaps – who knows for sure – one day in the future, like an eerie Stephen King novel, all of us caring, thoughtful “idiot lab rats” who got vaccinated will drop dead, leaving the world to these same self-absorbed, uncaring anti-vaxxers.

Oh well, come to think of it, it’s not a world I would want to be part of anyway.

Barry Cameron, White Rock

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