LETTERS: Save the wolves

Wolf cull will seriously disrupt the ecology of the areas in question and will not save the caribou.

In case people missed this item in the media, this winter the B.C. government is going to be slaughtering over 180 wolves in the South Peace and Selkirk area of the Kootenays on the basis of the very spurious argument that this will save the almost-extirpated caribou herds in those areas.

This will not save the caribou whose decline scientists agree is almost exclusively because of habitat intrusion, degradation, and destruction by human activities (logging, mining, gas and oil, etc.) over the past few decades.

The wolves seldom would have caribou on their menu because of the deep snow of winter habitat, however, trails kept open by snowmobilers and industrial roads allow the wolves access to the caribou. Like humans and other creatures, they take advantage of an easy food source. Unless caribou habitat is restored, largely by stopping the destruction and removing human activity from it, the animals will not survive no matter how many of their predators are killed. The wolves are very simply, scapegoats for human greed, stupidity, and refusal to take responsibility.

What the government spokesperson called “humane” methods of killing all these wolves is anything but. With no public notice, or consultation, the government. staff radio-collared some wolves last summer so that those slaughtering them this winter from helicopters can easily find the packs.  These so-called ‘Judas’ wolves won’t be killed, but will lead the killers to other wolves in their need to be with others of their kind. If the wolves hide in cover, scare bombs will be dropped to get them out. These are highly intelligent animals with complex social structures that will be completely destroyed by this unbelievably cruel action.

It won’t save the caribou, but will very seriously disrupt the ecology of the areas in question, as it did in Yellowstone National Park when wolves were exterminated.

It is immoral, pointless, and plain stupid. Please write or email Premier Christy Clark (premier@gov.bc.ca) and Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations (Steve.A.Thomson@gov.bc.ca).  We just might be able to stop the destruction of these magnificent and ecologically very important animals.

Eva Durance




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