LETTERS: Same story told two ways

Editor: Re: Mayor shuts down annual-report critics, June 28.


Re: Mayor shuts down annual-report critics, June 28.

Always two sides for every story, right?

A White Rock council critic gets abruptly stopped short of his council spiel. The victim on this side of the story: a citizen who won’t be heard by council, gets bullied, battered and microphone disabled.

The classic boot in the behind for the poor fella.

The other side of the story has a mayor trying to stay on topic with city issues – stops the man short of trying to fear-monger and drum up support that another highrise building in White Rock could likely result in the next Grenfell Tower tragedy in England.

Forget the fact highrises built here aren’t clad with highly combustible cladding and are equipped with water pumps and boosters to ensure all floors receive efficient water supply for extinguishing sprinklers, and safe means of vented stairwells for egress.

Try holding a match to wet concrete; that’s partly why we haven’t had too many highrises burn to the ground.

If people want to refer to non-pertaining disasters around the world to further their political agenda and halt the highrises, then cue the mic “off” switch.

Two sides to every story.

R. Baldwin, Surrey

Peace Arch News