LETTERS: Positive experience

Editor: With the negative press, I thought I could make a comment about the care my mother received.


With all the negative press as of late regarding our medical system, I thought that I could honestly and thankfully make a positive comment about the care my 88-year-old mother received at our local hospital.

My worst fears came to fruition when my mother fell, in my presence on Mother’s Day, during a family celebration and fractured her left hip.

From the moment the ambulance picked my mother up, during her eight hours in emergency followed by seven days on the second-floor surgical ward, her care was excellent.

I am a retired RN, having practised 36 years and my sister is also an RN, currently working in ICU at RGH. We were worried and skeptical on how our mother would do given the current situation, where our local hospital is trying to cope with an ever-increasing population and finite resources.

We are also aware that octogenarians demand more care and resources. The staff and two orthopedic surgeons that we dealt with, Dr. Kwee and Dr. Bubbar, were compassionate, approachable and understanding.

Our family would like to thank the nursing staff. My mother needed attention at shift change and the nurses stayed behind to attend to her when they could have left her for the next shift to deal with. It could have been a 45-minute wait.

The positive experience in your hospital has had a major impact in achieving a positive outcome for our mother. Please accept our sincere thanks.

Patricia Markwick, Surrey

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