LETTERS: Pet peeves

I just want to write a short little note to all the people with dogs in Penticton.

I just want to write a short little note to all the people with dogs.

I live in the seniors complex and we have a beautiful condo next to us that allows dogs. The only problem with this people seem to think that they can walk past our place with their dogs and let them leave their waste all over.

This irritates me to no end when the people who do that. Don’t they realize that the residents have to clean this up? I sit and i watch a 72-year-old woman that is waiting for a hip operation cleaning up these people’s messes. I’m sure the walkers and their dogs do not realize this but it’s time they knew.

Is it really fair that an old woman should have to be bending down for an hour week to pick up their dogs waste? It’s hard enough for us to pick up our own dogs droppings even being in a wheelchair, as I am. I can make arrangements for someone to pick up what I can’t, but if we don’t we’re unable to keep our dogs and this would be devastating.

So I would like to take this opportunity to ask the people that are walking their dogs to pick up after them.

How would they like it if they saw their mother or grandmother picking up dog droppings that aren’t from her dog and paying the price with pain for the next day or two? This is not fair and I’d like to see it stop. So please if you have a dog pick up after it. It only takes a second and after all it is your responsibility as a good pet owner.

PS — it would be nice if they’d stop leaving their cigarette butts all over our grounds as well.

Regina Parker


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