Free parking spaces around Peace Arch Hospital continue to be filled by those who aren’t using hospital services, writes Edward Rubin. (Tracy Holmes file photo)

LETTERS: Parking may be free, but spaces are not

Editor: It might be better to pay for a space and actually find one


You know how every once in a while you receive a letter decrying the pay parking at Peace Arch Hospital?

Well, the other week, I had to go in for an MRI. When I was phoned about the details I asked about the parking. I was told that parking was free, but all the spaces were taken up by construction workers.

How much parking is going to be available in a free parking lot surrounded by metered and resident/time-restricted street parking?

Imagine the complicated and monitored verification system needed to make sure that all car-parkers using the free hospital parking lot are on actual hospital business. Might be better to pay for a space and actually find one.

Edward Rubin, Ocean Park

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