LETTERS: Open letter to thieves in Penticton

Your excuses don’t hide the fact that you hurt decent people.

On Monday, March 23, we arrived to work only to be met by a very distressing circumstance. Our work trailer, full of tools, had been stolen.

This is bad enough, but on that very same morning, my boss was laying in a hospital bed recovering from Cancer surgery.

On Sunday, he was quite certain that he might die due to complications. His wife had to take the call from the crew, after a night spent wondering if her husband would see the morning. This good woman had to hear that her family’s resources and sole means of support had been hitched to the back of a truck driven by some loser and taken into the darkness of night.

Don’t you tell me that this theft was a victimless crime. Insurance money will never erase that hard morning and the words she had to hear. And the deductible? Not just a cost of doing business but an added expense on a family already vulnerable and dealing with a multitude of challenges.

You have your story, I’m sure. Your sort always does. But you hear this: I know many people who have living through whatever you have suffered and more.

They get up each day and contribute to our community. Your excuses don’t hide the fact that you hurt decent people.

That is your burden to carry and own.

Kevin Nickerson




Penticton Western News