LETTERS: One size shouldn’t fit all when it comes to COVID-19 rules to visit seniors

We agree there has to be rules but at what expense?


We are writing this letter to encourage people to let their MPs, Premier, MLA, Seniors Advocate, Dr. Bonnie Henry know how their rules and regulations are harming their loved ones and themselves.

Our mom moved to Williams Lake to be near her three daughters.

First she was in an apartment, living independently, later she moved to assisted living where she received help with her medications. We, her daughters, before COVID, were visiting mom every other day, if not every day and something twice a day.

We celebrated every holiday together, went shopping, visiting, to meetings and appointments.

We would play cards, and do puzzles.

We felt we were managing to keep mom in assisted living.

Since COVID we have not been able to do things for mom physically or mentally.

Mom was moved on Sept. 4 to long-term care. This was a devastating blow to us and a terrible move for mom following three very scary days. One: trip to get injections in her eyes for macular degeneration.

Two: a fall where she broke her arm. Very painful.

Three: the move to LTC. We feel, due to the six-month COVID close down, mom has deteriorated more rapidly.

Our mom turned 92 on Oct. 1. Due to the government rules and regulations we were not allowed to have a family celebration.

In conclusion: most family members of loved ones would gown, glove, mask and even wear a hazmat suit just to be able to visit and hug their loved ones.

We, as family members, would not visit if we were sick, been in contact with COVID, or had any other risk factor.

So here’s a novel idea, government. Instead of spending money indiscriminately Willy Nilly, give us some personal protective equipment (PPE) so we can hug our loved ones — something we know our mother is craving.

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Another point for our government: instead of a blanket statement of one size fits all, look at the different areas in B.C. and apply the rules and regulations appropriately.

We agree there has to be rules but at what expense?

Making our most vulnerable spend the last days of their lives alone, scared and feeling abandoned.

Let us not forget these people worked, paid taxes, raised families and contributed to society. They deserve more.

Written for our beautiful, loving mom:

Beth Schaefer, Connie Doebert and Donnella Craig

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