Letters: Not such a sunny outlook

The homeless do represent a real threat to our society: doctor

Editor, The News:

Re: Homeless are not criminals: doctor (The News, April 10).

I read with interest the article featuring Dr. Liz Zubek.

We do have a drop-in centre, the Rainbow Club House, which runs programs and has activities  for  individuals with mental health challenges.

Having worked for seven years in this community, directly with  the homeless and others clients from  both the male and female rehab centres, I can assure you they do represent a real threat to our community.

For reasons I never fully understood, these individuals would gladly tell me about their shoplifting at the local pharmacies  or stealing from homes  that they could access by  foot or bike.

One young man riding with a ladder told a friend it was to get into apartments  and steal things.

Perhaps  these patients thought I lived elsewhere, but I do live in Maple Ridge.

I do not know why the Caring Place is allowed to stay.

Many of us feel uncomfortable even taking our kids out in certain parts of town.

Watching someone shoot-up behind a fast-food restaurant is not what I want my kids to see.

What is the mayor planning to do about this?

These are my comments and represent  my feelings as a mom.

I just happen to have had a lot of experience with the homeless and don’t have such a sunny outlook as Dr. Zubek.

Dr. Lyn Killick

Maple Ridge


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