LETTERS: ‘New direction’ may be north


Re: City names new planning director, March 20.


Re: City names new planning director, March 20.

So, according to previous Surrey deputy city manager Dan Bottrill – now White Rock’s city manager – White Rock is now planning to head into a “new direction.”

Is it just a coincidence that it happens just at the same time as Surrey council is going to occupy their new castle in North Surrey?

Could it be that they want a more working relationship – or integration – with Surrey, or what?

Because wasn’t the former Thornly/Hayne Creative Communication Company – Bruce Hayne is now a Surrey councillor – very involved with White Rock’s rebranding to the silly name of “My City by the Sea”?

There seem to be a lot of that my, my stuff going on like: my mountain, my hydro, my bank, my money, my sign, my gym, my year, etc.

It seems as if there are now many people who want to take ownership of everything… just as they want to do with “My City by the Sea.”

And who are the my, my people – it all seems to be coming from the same direction, and it may or may not be related to the “new direction” White Rock is heading to.

Catharina Leidel, Surrey



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