LETTERS: More to worry about

Penticton Western News reporter gives best analysis on #Elbowgate.

Dale Boyd (Penticton Western News, May 20, The inadvertent shove that divided a nation) has one of the best analysis on the “interference, roughing and Liberal use of force” issue to be found in any of the newspapers and magazines available (beautiful cartoon to go along with the article, by the way.)

As he said, we the people need to “step back and realize this (PM Trudeau’s parliamentary interlude) was not that big a deal …”

We have a heck of a lot more important things on our plate than worrying about a small incident in our House of Commons. If anything we need to worry about climate change and climate change deniers. There is no point in relying on politicians to push for nuclear fusion technology (as one letter writer has suggested). We can, as individuals, reduce our carbon footprint immediately. Use Mother Nature’s energy, put up solar panels on our homes, businesses and apartments; reduce consumption of as many things as we can that require the use of oil (cars, plane rides, plastics, imported food stuffs); become vegetarians as David Suzuki suggests; recycle everything we can; etc.

We need to worry about our neighbour to the south and the way certain countries lead it around by its nose (read Mearsheimer and Walt’s 2007 book for some insightful ideas). We need to worry about Canada’s role in NATO — bombing here and there without any significant prospect of peace.

But, yes, I think someone should blow up the cartoon in your Friday’s edition to about 16×20 and send it off to the PM so he can hang it up in his office as a continuous reminder that he should refrain from lowering himself to the level of the many riff-raff in our H of C.

Frank Martens





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