LETTERS: More consultation on Skaha parkland

There should be more public consultation available when such drastic changes are made to public areas.

The  Western News readers poll question on May 21 was “Should the city be leasing out such a large portion of Skaha Beach for private development?”

Now that more, but still rather vague, information is available about the development plans by the Trio Marine Group to use quite a large area of Skaha Lake Beach parkland for a commercial waterslide park, there is even more reason to answer that question with a resounding no.

In this day and age, with even the Pope being concerned about the mess we make of our planet it would be a crime to take away a lovely piece of city beach and green parkland and put up some kind of noisy Vegas-type entertainment centre surrounded by wire fencing to be used no more than three months out of the year and probably mostly by tourists.

I am all for progress, but city council should remember that most taxpayers here, and especially living on this side of town, are 65-plus and it will be doubtful if you would see many of us ever sliding down those slippery slides.

Do we need more chlorinated water being pumped into our lake or sewer system?

It is now a safe and quiet park and many of us find it enjoyable to sit on one of the many benches to watch the comings and going of the dragon boats and enjoying the beautiful view over the lake.

The proposed waterslide area is used by dragon boaters and the land in question is a welcome shady area during the annual dragon boat festival.

With the waterslide developed the kiddies splash park will be gone, and said to be later replaced with another. Where it is now is perfectly situated with the many picnic tables in between both playgrounds where families sit and the kids can go from one to the other.

Many a birthday party are being celebrated there as it is such a great and safe spot for families with young children.

Quite a few of those lovely shady trees are dedicated to loved ones, well they will be gone.

The new signs which were recently put at either end of the park will be outdated and guess who will be paying for new ones?

There should be more public consultation available when such drastic changes are made to public areas.

Please do not ruin our lovely peaceful beach and green parkland as with these proposed plans. It will make a negative change for citizens and visitors alike.

Elaine Vonck




Penticton Western News