LETTERS: Judicial system needs overhaul

C someone explain Patrick Brazeau walked away from a cocaine possession charge?

Would someone please explain to me how in my God’s name Patrick Brazeau walked away from a cocaine possession charge and an assault charge unconditionally with no criminal record?

Not only that, how did he manage to keep his job as a Senator? Are there coke heads in Ottawa making decisions that will affect us all? Did it have anything to do with the fact that the judge who heard the case was a conservative-appointed judge?

The next time a layperson is charged for first time possession of cocaine and assault, I would advise that the defendant ask the judge for an unconditional discharge and have his or her attorney quote Regina v. Brazeau, and see what transpires. Another perfect example of different rules for different people.

I hope one of the first things Justin Trudeau does as Prime Minister is to give the entire judicial system (including the young offender’s act) a complete overhaul. It sure is needed, in this reader’s humble opinion.

Mark Billesberger, Penticton


Penticton Western News