LETTERS: Give me a Break

Does Justin and the Liberal Party really hate senior women that much?

So, the Liberals and NDP will kill income splitting and replace it with a tax break for Middle Class Citizens and Seniors. Give me a break.  When has the tax man ever given us a break.

Loopholes for the wealthiest 15 per cent have been and still are there so that they do not pay their fair share of taxes.

I have seen over the years so many people in high places talk about how to get out of paying taxes that the middle class would  never know about  and or ever be able to use.

As per my letter some time ago, income splitting for middle class families has proven to be good. Talking to my tax person, middle class families with children are getting $1,200 and more per year back into their pockets to spend as they wish.

It would be nice to hear from families in our area who got a refund of “their money” to spend as they wish, not as the government would do, i.e. waste. It would be nice to have some folks respond to this letter. I know that there are more than the fake 15 per cent getting refunds.

Now the Liberals are talking about killing income splitting for seniors. Give me a break.  In the 60s, 70s, 80s and into the 90s, many families still believed in the mother staying home and raising the kids. Nothing wrong with that. As the cost of living rose it became clear that both may have to work to keep their heads above financial ground. As well, many more women were entering the professional work force and as it should be.

To say now as Justin is proposing,  to those mothers, grandmothers  that they should not be rewarded for staying home by taking away the tax return for being a stay at home mom. Let the taxman help you with some kind of a tax break?  Remember most of these  moms, grandmothers are now seniors and income splitting and the dollars that they now get back to spend they earned.  To take that away is in fact saying we do not respect you and your choice at the time.

Does Justin and the Liberal Party really hate senior women that much?

I leave that up to you to decide, but killing income splitting for seniors in a clear indication of that.

Bob  Otway




Penticton Western News