LETTERS: Get involved and offer suggestions

The majority of Pentictonites elected the current council, it is obvious that they wanted change.

I have been reading the Penticton Western News for quite a few years, and, have the following comments to make.

1) Why is everyone upset over the proposed tax hikes, for the past eight to 10 years Penticton council has held tax rates to a minimal amount. Do the people of Penticton  think that aging infrastructure will fix itself? Do your cars, homes, etc not need maintenance.

2) Are public employees not entitled to earn a fair wage, I agree that elected employees should not be given ‘golden’ opportunities, after all they are still employees of a sort. The mayor and councillors should be paid minimum wage, regardless of which community they represent, fiscal responsibility begins at the top. They chose to run for the position, if they are after the money, then let them pursue private enterprise.

3) The majority of Pentictonites elected the current council, it is obvious that they wanted change, but did they let the previous council know what kind of change they wanted? If you are doing something wrong, and know one tells you about it, how are you supposed to know that it is wrong?

4) Instead of the same group of people writing letters to the editor, who want things returned to 1955, get involved, offer suggestions, don’t sit at home and  complain. If there is snow on the sidewalk, clear it. If you can’t get around then change your routine. One day is not going to hurt you.

5) Lastly, be responsible for your own actions. If you slip and fall in the snow, then maybe you should be more careful.  You know that when it snows it usually means that ice is involved, don’t blame the city because you didn’t wear appropriate footwear.

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for reading.

Ted Nowicki




Penticton Western News