LETTERS: Election promises

In my opinion the choice in the coming election is easy.

So far the NDP’s Mulcair has promised that he will balance the budget while also promising approximately $40 billion for new and existing programs.

Trudeau has promised to borrow $40 billion that he will have to add to this country’s debt. He says it is a good time to borrow to help the economy. Harper has promised a balanced budget and modest tax cuts.

Both the NDP and Liberals promised enough things to the electorate and the gullible will believe that one of these parties can lead their country into prosperity.

If the Liberals and the NDP truly believe they can win this election they wouldn’t be putting themselves into a position where they can’t deliver on their promises or worse yet, if they believe they can win they won’t hesitate to increase the national debt to the point where our credit rating could be downgraded.

The politicians in Greece promised anything and everything to everyone in order to get elected or re-elected. The result of this vote buying by the Greek politicians caused the country to go bankrupt.

In my opinion the choice in the coming election is easy. Vote for a party that has kept Canada’s economy more stable than most countries during the current recession and the Arab created oil price crash or vote for one of the two parties that promises everything  and are prepared to spend  your dollars like crazy men and destroy our Canada. If there are enough gullible voters in Canada we might have to have a new name … new Greece.

Dan Tymchuk

Okanagan Falls



Penticton Western News