LETTERS: #Elbowgate

Recently there was an event that puts Canada even more on the map than it has been.

Recently there was an event that puts Canada even more on the map than it has been.

No, Her Majesty the Queen was not here visiting; there were no special dignitaries from other nations nor were there any really special local or national events. On second thought, there was a local event that, I’m sure, went viral. It was deemed as trivial by the governing party and somewhat dastardly by others in the House of Commons.

Of course, we all know or we’re led to believe that respect and dignity are part and parcel of the decorum of the House of Commons.

I make reference to the actions, no, the antics of our illustrious Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently in the House of Commons. It seems that he may have overstepped his bounds in his actions that might be likened to a spoiled child that doesn’t get his way, so he acts out. The action of pushing through a group of other members of parliament was somewhat childish, self-aggrandizing  and showed total lack of self-restraint. A chip off the old block as to the times that Big Daddy Trudeau acted unilaterally in making many decisions during his term in office. Loose cannons are us, maybe?

Pierre Trudeau was so self assured in what he did, he coined the term “Fuddle Duddle” if people didn’t agree with what he was doing. Justin on the other hand, showed his true colours by taking matters into his own hands. The action he took is probably akin to Senior Trudeau’s “Fuddle Duddle.” Once again, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

In summary, Justin made a vain effort to apologize and stated that it was the wrong thing to do and that he was sorry for the action. Big whoop! Evidently he didn’t consider where he was and he obviously didn’t think things through before acting. He proceeded on the old Latin saying nil illigitimus carborundum which weakly translates into don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

It is often said that actions speak louder than words. This is one situation that seems to bear that out. Only the actions here were less than desirable and less than respectful. Maybe a session at the Emily Post school of etiquette is in order. Or maybe a session with Miss Manners is warranted. What do you think?

Ron Barillaro



Penticton Western News