LETTERS: Construction site noise getting to be too much



Does City Hall really care about its residents and do bylaw officers have any authority to stop bylaw infractions? Or is this all about increasing the property tax base at the sacrifice of the use and enjoyment of our properties?

This is regarding the Foster Martin construction at 1500 Martin Dr.

They must have some fans going inside or something that is sending out this horrid high-pitched wailing sound.

This is happening quite often. It was so loud it woke me up at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday and last night it went on until 1:41 am making it almost impossible to sleep. The sad part is we live almost four blocks away, so I can’t imagine what the immediate neighbours must be going through.

We have endured a lot of noise from this construction site but this is just too much. Foster Martin owes the residents of White Rock more consideration than this in their rush to build this highrise complex.

Gary Vollhoffer, White Rock

Peace Arch News