LETTERS: Choice of words matter

Letter writers address how word choice can have impact.


Re: Fraser Health serves notice to anesthesiologists, March 23.

I thought I’d heard the worst today when a reporter for a radio station I listen to said “Bridget Jones had been knocked up” in the third appearance of this so-called comedy…

Until the above-mentioned article tucked away at the back of your newspaper, where I read “Fraser Health is planning to gas all anesthesiologists working at SMH…”

You call yourselves journalists; surely you should have a bit more sensitivity and better knowledge of the past than you displayed in the Peace Arch News article. Maybe some people are due an apology?

Trish Piket, Surrey

• • •

Re: Tragic deadline for troubled youth, March 18 editorial.

Wow. Your March 18 editorial brought me to tears. It is extremely well written and beautifully covers all aspects of the issue. Thank you.

Maureen Kerr, Surrey



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