Letters: Chilly reception to utility bill

To the residents of the South Okanagan, beware of ridiculous utility bills.

To the residents of the South Okanagan, since the fire department in Penticton is looking for financial help from the Municipality of Summerland for a new rescue boat for Lake Okanagan, might I suggest that they approach Fortis for the remainder of the money needed.

My home of many years is heated by an electric forced-air furnace which kicks in when the outside temperature is below -8 C. Above that, a heat pump takes care of the heating.

In addition, we have a wood fireplace that was used frequently during the month of December.  To top that off we recently installed a 16-panel photo-voltaic (solar panel) system that produced a few KWH’s during the month.

Our utility bill came to few dollars short of $700. I can’t wait to see what the charges will be for January, which is frequently colder.

In all the years we have lived here our bill has never been over $450.

I understand there was a recent overall raise in rates, but this is ridiculous!

Frank Martens




Penticton Western News