Letters: Canada needs real heroes

So much written lately on euthanasia is very hard to take.

Editor, The News:

Re: Bowing to the power of judges (B.C. Views, March 2).

Tom Fletcher’s article was interesting to read, refreshing in its honesty.

So much written lately on euthanasia is very hard to take, not so much for the complexity of the issues as for the sudden and intense media promotion of such an ominous about-face in how our Supreme Court views the rights of the individual and ignores the effects that these choices will have on others.

There is something seriously wrong when a small group of unaccountable individuals can change the way we view the role of medical professionals who not long ago were so highly esteemed and valuable to all of us because of their role as healers.

Now we are made to believe that medical aid in dying no longer is limited to providing comfort and empathy as we live out our final days with courage and dignity, but now includes helping to kill us.

How is it that the Supreme Court judges can hide behind a so called “living tree doctrine” and claim that politically motived polling and some kind of judicial wisdom of Solomon is license to turn our country upside down almost overnight?

Yes, indeed, the enduring legacy of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

What do we have to look forward to with his son in charge?

The right to kill depressed teens?

The duty to die for seniors who are a burden on their caregivers?

Seniors afraid to enter care homes or hospitals for fear that they will be put down with the same standards we apply to our replaceable domestic animals?

Canada needs real heroes who will not stand for this.

What we seem to have right now are secular saints like Sue Rodriguez, Svend Robinson and Justin  , who are better described as icons of the “Dictatorship of Relativism,” where there is no right and wrong, just personal autonomy and the battle cry is “choice.”

Richard Whalen

Maple Ridge


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