LETTERS: Canada, B.C. lacking strong leadership from police, government



What on Earth is going on out there? Murders of young people almost every day it seems, shootouts in public places, where innocent bystanders are not killed purely by luck rather than anything being done by government or police.

A shootout in a mall parking lot and no one gets the idea that shoppers should be warned?

Who on Earth is in charge? It seems like no one is. The RCMP used to be respected worldwide. I am sure there are many retired and working members who just hang their heads about the way standards have fallen.

We have a government that has made a total mess-up of vaccination delivery that has probably resulted in totally unnecessary deaths.

Rules are created and changed every day, which indicates the government has no real idea of what it is doing. Even law-abiding citizens unintentionally end up breaking the law because rules made yesterday may not apply today.

It is time that someone who is still proud of Canada and what it stands for, who has the courage, bravery, wisdom and compassion, to step up to the plate and take charge. We need someone to do what it takes to reintroduce some sanity.

I don’t care about the person’s political party, police force, religion or gender. What I care about is the person’s ability to lead and inspire, to take charge, address the problems head-on, and do what needs to be done so that people can be proud of B.C. and Canada again.

Peter Davies, Surrey

Peace Arch News