Kitty update

Kitty update

I wanted to provide an update on Kitty, the cat belonging to Tom Adamcsak, featured in last week’s Sooke News Mirror after her gunshot wound.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending for Kitty and we are working on a happy ending for Tom. Kitty is doing well after her surgery and two week stay in intensive care. She went home yesterday (Jan. 26) and is expected to make a full recovery. With donations of time and funds from our staff, surgeons and donors to our “pets in need” fund we were able to cover half of our costs. A further portion of the costs have been covered by kind donors to the fund we have set up at the clinic to help Tom, and we hope to be able to prevent this despicable act from creating financial hardship for him.

I would, however, like to address some comments to the person or people who think that it is acceptable to use a living animal for target practice. If you were just having fun playing with your new toy, or if you thought this an appropriate way to scare cats from your garden, you should be aware that this harmless pellet penetrated Kitty’s abdomen, and ruptured and lacerated her intestine in several places, requiring a long surgery with the removal of a significant portion of her small intestine, flushing and draining her abdomen.

Had Tom not been a responsible owner and sought help as soon as he realized that Kitty had been shot, she would have died a particularly painful and unpleasant death from abdominal infection. I hope you will think more carefully before aiming at an innocent living creature again.

Amanda J. Booth


Senseless dumping

To the classless “human” who dumped four bags of household garbage at the beautiful “Welcome to East Sooke” sign on Friday, Jan. 28 (and others who have in the past).

If you are able to read at all, I hope that you will see this letter and feel just a little embarrassed, although embarrassing you is probably unlikely. I’m sure you have an interesting reason for piling your garbage up on the side of the road, (no doubt not near your own home), however, I can think of only one. I’m also sure that you happily boast to people how environmentally conscious you are, that being evident by the paper grocery bags being tugged out of your garbage by ravens and raccoons.

Those of us living in East Sooke may not always agree on everything but 99 per cent of us do agree that we are privileged to wake up every day in this little piece of paradise. You must be one of the one per cent that just doesn’t appreciate how fortunate you are.

Perhaps you should watch the news some night and take a closer look at how much of the rest of the world is living, then look out your window. Even someone like you should get the message.

Oh, and I do apologize for inferring that you may not be literate, you obviously are, as you left your clearly signed credit card receipt well protected in a plastic bag amongst all your other garbage.

Remember now, do ask for paper at the grocery store, we know how much you want to protect the environment.

Signed, by the people who cleaned up your disgusting mess. Many thanks to Murray Campbell and all the others who try so hard to keep our community so beautiful, we do appreciate it.

B & D Danyluck

East Sooke

Wear white at night

 Please, you people who are out walking after dark, wear light coloured clothing and walk facing the traffic. I was just up Sooke and encountered on my way home to Saseenos three different walkers, one of you was pushing a stroller, all on busy Sooke Road, all walking wrongly with the traffic and all in dark clothes. Don’t you realize how dangerous this is for you, your child and for me? Tonight happens to be not only very dark but also very foggy, which makes visibility even more difficult. I’m not too happy with any of you right now, so please don’t do it again. I don’t need the frustration.  Thanks a bunch.

Harla Eve


Mercury rising?

I admire Lorien Arnold’s writing. He is a pleasure to read, however, unless he is planning to run for office, I cannot fathom the actual reason for his writing in the first place.

No matter though, I like his writing so much that, if that’s the way he wants to run for office, so be it.

And now that that’s out of the way, I would like to submit to the people of Sooke the following unrelated thesis: “That there is evidence of mercury poisoning in Canada’s populace.”

The mercury is built up in the environment through a continual depositing of the traces that exist, (of mercury), in coal. The United States and China burn lots of coal: mercury makes you stupid.

Our politicians are showing evidence of this stupidity by forcing us to use mercury lights to save energy. All the more puzzling as there are available other much more energy efficient, solid-state devices that do not poison us at all.

So in fact, our politicians are showing a particularly insidious form of stupidity, and therefore it must be mercury poisoning. Either that or an invasion of aliens, from Neptune maybe? Or worse, a handshake business deal joined up with a political donation.

N. E. MacNab


Respect demanded

Intriguing it was to hear that Mayor Evans had opened the January 24 council meeting with a formal announcement.

Upon first perusal of the Magna Carta according to Mayor Evans, laughter overtook my senses. As tears cascaded down my cheeks, I was struck by a vision of the mayor, clad fully in black leather, standing with hand on hip, swinging a menacing leather whip with the other.

A white cloud floated over her head. It was replete with a jumble of words. One had to struggle to grasp the message as words danced by — chair, disrespectful, mayor, liability, council chambers, disrespect, public, tired, threats, sanctions, legal, action.

But alas, the vision faded and only parts of the message were clear. This is what I learned. The rude and uncouth among us cannot behave like hockey fans, or even the more sedate baseball fans, when at council meetings.

When in chambers, the public will finally be treated with respect.  Mayor Evans has said so. “When in Chambers everyone will be treated with respect.” Won’t that be nice.

Disrespectful comments, rudeness and harassment won’t be tolerated.  Mayor Evans says so. If we are not treated with respect, apparently we can issue sanctions or begin legal proceedings. We will however, have to use our own dime.

Mayor Evans states: “We welcome all comments and opinions and encourage great debate, but from now on it will be done in a civil and respectful manner.” This comment is, of course, partnered with the one at the beginning that says “With the start of the New Year things are going to be different.” It will indeed be different to hear debate, great or otherwise, in the council chambers.

Now for those who were lucky enough to miss the history lesson on the Magna Carta, here is a very short lesson. The Magna Carta formed the basis of English civil liberty. It was a document to safeguard personal liberties, which King John was forced by feudal barons to sign in 1215.

I must leave you now, for I go in search of feudal barons with noble intent and sharp pens.

 Gail Hall


Taking is stealing

To the couple who were seen on more than one occasion coming onto our private property, entering our enclosed garage shelter and leaving with a large quantity of recyclable can (which is theft), I hope your need is greater than the cause they were being collected for.

We volunteer at the Sooke Fall Fair with the pet parade (which will be 50 in 2012) and this was part of our fundraising activities.

We pride ourselves on having lots of games, prizes, etc., for the children who enter at no cost to them or their parents.

Doug and Lynda Nex


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