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LETTER: You can’t blame people for being hesitant about vaccinations

'Most people that don't have the vaccine are not anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists'

I am writing this in response to letters I’ve seen in the past few weeks about denying health-care for people without the COVID vaccine.

Most people that don’t have the vaccine are not “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy theorists” In fact they’ve probably had all of their other vaccines. For the most part they are concerned citizens that are unsure of taking a vaccine that is so new.

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Since COVID-19 started and since the vaccines have been rolled out, almost none of the recommendations regarding it have stayed the same. So you cant blame people for being hesitant when there is no consistency of information from the government, and no way to know the long-term side effects. If we deny people without the vaccine healthcare should we also deny every person that has been to a fast food restaurant, a liquor store or anyone that has done anything unhealthy, health care as well? How about in a few years or when you get your shot if you have an adverse reaction to the vaccine should we deny you as well? This is not the Canada we live in now or want to turn in to. Every Canadian deserves the right to healthcare and choice. I hope the writers can realize the sort of hate and divide they are creating by writing such statements. I hope I am not alone in this thinking.

Ben Brunatti

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