Rick and Joyce Sutcliffe had a photo take three days after her cancer diagnosis in September 2020 but shortly before they found out the cancer was terminal. She died recently. To make matters worse, their home was broken into shortly after the funeral. (Michelle Andersson/With Heart Photography)

LETTER: Wife’s jewelry stolen from Bradner-area home shortly after her funeral

Husband has a message for those who broke into his home

Dear Editor,

To the thieves who stole jewelry from my Bradner home on Sept. 16 – two questions:

1. How much did your fence give you for 52 priceless years of memories? Enough for a couple of fixes each of your favourite narcotic?

2. Why didn’t you also take the flowers in the living room? You could have made a “big spender” impression on your significant other. They were, after all, still fresh from my wife’s funeral.

And a comment: I do not pray for your capture and punishment. God knows your hearts and will handle that.

Instead, I pray you will escape the curse of sin by repenting, getting right with God, and obtaining his forgiveness. You will automatically receive mine at that point, and my wife’s, too, when we all stand before Christ’s judgement throne.

Rick Sutcliffe, Bradner


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