Letter: Why the rush to push through development plan?

Pro-development exists with members of Langley Township council, says letter writer

Editor: The council meeting of June 12 showed that the same pro-development exists with the same members of council.

Once again, any attempt to send something back for consultation or clarification was quickly met with opposition from the pro-development faction on council.

At this meeting, despite the protracted public engagement process for an updated Brookswood Fernridge OCP process, once again we saw the same push through to public hearing by the same pro-development members of council.

The draft documents for the Brookswood Fernridge Community Plan update were rife with optional language, which allows for significant density increase.

The draft documents contained confusing information, which could not be answered to or clarified by representatives at the open houses.

The simple request to go back for another open house, which could have focussed on the issues and provided clarity, was deemed far too problematic for these pro-development individuals.

A “long journey” should be best served by dealing with issues as they arise rather than by continuing to push through a plan. A public hearing should be held based on the absolute best information possible.

This has been identified to be not the case.

With the amount of time that’s been spent and the promotion of engagement, why push through? The Township of Langley still has the opportunity to not only come up with a development plan to be proud of, but also has the opportunity to show they deserve our trust.

Developers need to be encouraged to raise their bar in this. Let’s face it, developers are as plentiful as weeds in a field. If the developers that are being supported by the “yes for everything” members on council don’t like it, they are welcome to go ruin another municipality.

The yes faction chooses to say we will still have lots of opportunity.

The 2014 fiasco showed increase in density from the first draft plan to the final draft plan that was defeated surprise in an election year. The density will increase between this OCP and the upcoming neighbourhood plans.

This density increase will be supported by “Aye Five.” I’ve yet to see a density decrease from OCP to NP and it won’t happen this time. If you were a weed in field, would you develop 7,000 square feet? Would you push for 4,000 square feet, or — better yet — multi family? If this council had any credibility it would demand the best for our community.

It would support and approve only a plan that would attract developers that also want the best for our community.

I’d like to believe that this council will do right by the community, but I suspect that the weeds will continue to thrive unchecked.

B Cameron,


Langley Times