Letter: Why no clean environment right?

Dear Editor,

I have always been proud to call myself a Canadian. However, I have discovered that more than 100 countries in the world have legislation in place so their citizens have a right to a healthy environment.

Canada does not!

This information came to light when a large group of us in Walnut Grove opposed the planned 216th interchange going north. We will have no buffer zone to protect us from noise and air pollution.

About 22,000 vehicles/day will go directly past homes and two elementary schools.

The health facts are overwhelming. This will lead to cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer, Alzheimers, autism, asthma, and leukemia.

I almost forgot… premature death.

The children are most at risk due to their smaller size and undeveloped lungs.

Our mayor and council have been presented with all the health facts. Their response was “it’s a done deal.” In other words, development trumps health.

We have brought in health experts on noise and air quality. They say we need a health impact study. Our council says “no… it’s a done deal.”

These same experts, doctors from UBC, recommend an independent study of other designs and locations – with health in mind.

Council says no.

In fact 192nd Street is an excellent alternative to 216th Street. Truck will not pass homes and schools spewing heavy pollution. It lines up with Port Kells industrial area, the SFPR, and Golden Ears crossing.

Council is not interested.

We appeal to the provincial government and they ignore us.

The David Suzuki Foundation supports us. They are not surprised that our government is moving forward – despite the health risks they will create. This is why we need an act to protect our health.

I am not against development. I am against development that does not put health first and foremost. Is one child with autism or leukemia not one too many?

Linda Nash,

Walnut Grove



Langley Advance