Letter: Why are we paying so much for gas?

In a sane and progressive society, Big Oil would have gone “out of business” years ago, writes David Janzen.

Hey, Big Oil. Why, when a barrel of oil is about $48, are we still paying an outrageous amount for a litre of gas?

A great way to maintain and increase profits is to buy low and sell high, is that your plan? How low does the price of oil have to fall before your customers feel any benefit from the depressed oil market?

Of course you have a shopping bag full of excuses as to why the price at the pump hasn’t fallen, but most of us realize these excuses are nonsense.

In a sane and progressive society you would have gone “out of business” years ago. Is it true you are still stealing Canadians’ money through the tax subsidies enabled by our federal government? I guess if you have few friends, it’s good the few friends you have work in Ottawa.

– David Janzen, Grand Forks


Grand Forks Gazette