Letter: White collar criminals are economic domestic terrorists

This is at best a total farce and at worst a total miscarriage of justice

White collar criminals are economic domestic terrorists

This connotation should and must include any individual in a white collar job who uses his/her position to influence the outcomes of the stock market or other business to their’s or their friends’ benefit by using insider information for personal gain to the detriment of honest and hard working folk investing in the markets.

White collar criminals are no better than, and in many cases worse than, political or religious terrorists. They, by their actions, knowingly inflict extreme psychological, physical and monetary pain, anxiety and fear on many of their clients with total disregard for anyone but themselves. Their acts, perpetrated on an unsuspecting public, are done unconscionably, with malice of forethought with only personal gain in mind.

It is a form of domestic economic terrorism that affects both their clients and the nation, by benefitting the few at the expense of the many, through loss of tax revenues and the diminishing of standards of living of the honest, hard-working folk who put their trust in the system.

Once exposed and convicted, any monies or material possessions gained in such endeavours should be treated as proceeds of a terrorist act and forfeited as such.

DPAs [deferred prosecution agreements], which allow white collar criminals to pay pitiable amounts in redress for their crimes and walk away with millions or billions of ill-gotten gains. This is at best a total farce and at worst a total miscarriage of justice. Reference the Panama Papers et al. As yet, no meaningful convictions and very little money, in comparison to monies stolen, and monies spent on prosecutions, has been recovered.

Huge sums of money, hidden in offshore accounts in what amounts to nothing less than tax fraud by some of the wealthiest in society goes unpunished.

Yet any hard working, honest individual or small business owing so much as a loonie in taxes, who fails to pay up immediately, incurs the wrath of the CRA and is penalized, charged interest and fined etc.

White collar crime is a form of domestic economic terrorism. No DPAs should hinder in any way the full prosecution of individuals involved in such illegal actions. Treat them for what they are, economic terrorists.

Rescind the DP Act. Let true justice prevail.

A. Child

Lake Cowichan

Cowichan Valley Citizen