Letter – vote for someone who listens

Letter to the editor from the June 18, 2014 Gazette about water meters.

It has been said that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. So, I’m wondering, are the citizens of Grand Forks ready to take a stand?

The City of Grand Forks plans on installing water meters inside your homes very soon. Fortunately, they do not have the legal right to enter your home and cut your pipes unless you give them permission to do so. If you do allow one of these meters to be put in your home, you will no longer have control of who comes in your own home and when. You will have given away your legal right to refuse entry.

Once you have city owned property in your house they have the right to come in at any time to service or replace that meter. If the city then decides to follow the federal mandate of privatization, you could have a large multinational corporation in your home. I would recommend watching the documentary Blue Gold for an eye-opening view on the global war for fresh water.

Any resident who refuses a meter will have a pit meter installed on city property at their property line. Can the city charge a resident for this infrastructure not on their property? Will they take hundreds of residents to court to collect that money if the lawyers’ bills outweigh the fines?

The next council will decide the outcome. Hopefully you will use the November election like the referendum you were never given and vote for someone who listens to the citizens of our town.

Julia Butler,

Grand Forks

Grand Forks Gazette

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