Sprinklers are on mid-day at Polson Park back in June amid a heat wave that had temperatures floating into the mid-40s. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

LETTER: Vernon water wasters ignoring drought

Resident concerned as green-lawned businesses aren't doing their conservation part

The Okanagan is experiencing drought conditions and watering restrictions have been in effect in Vernon most of the summer, yet there are many green lawns around the city.

It’s pretty easy to find non-dormant, green lawns here and there around town, but especially around many hotels, apartments and commercial buildings.

So, is there a double standard here? Does the individual have to watch their water consumption, while businesses don’t, or is there just a complete lack of enforcement?

Maybe, the Morning Star should feature a “water pariah” each week (late in the summer) to shame these people/businesses and to draw attention to the lack of enforcement of the watering restrictions.

Jay Page


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