Gas prices surpasses $1.60 a litre last week. (Black Press)

Gas prices surpasses $1.60 a litre last week. (Black Press)

Letter: ‘Vancouver paid most for untaxed gas’

Time to control gas companies with board to sets prices.

Editor, The News:

Re: Gas prices a made-in-B.C. problem.

What Mr. Halas is describing is the behaviour of a monopoly. Gas companies getting together to control prices to change the way people react to a pipeline. Why, that can’t be.

Gas companies always say they act independently when setting prices.

Perhaps, it is time to control gas companies the same way telecom companies are with a board which sets prices fairly.

Mr. Halas may have not seen the research, but some years ago a study was done to show gas prices across Canada and Washington State without taxes. Vancouver paid the highest prices for untaxed gas.

The joke is on the oil companies, though, because 50 per cent of Vancouverites don’t even own a car. They seem to be the people protesting.

I doubt that will change no matter what the government says.

B. McKendrick

Maple Ridge

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