LETTER: Train chaos

Re: Permanent two-mile long trains running through downtown Abbotsford

Re: Permanent two-mile long trains running through downtown Abbotsford. If this happens, then corporate greed wins again! The SRY is owned by a billionaire and the planned BNSF trains to run through downtown Abbotsford are owned by one of the richest men in the world (Warren Buffett).

Do they care that emergency response times for ambulance, police and fire/rescue will be seriously delayed in Abbotsford? Absolutely not.

If they did care, then overpasses would be installed over every crossing. A two-mile long train takes at least five to six minutes to cross every crossing in downtown Abbotsford. That is five to six times longer than any traffic light. They’re planning to run two or three trains a day, which only a fool would think it couldn’t turn into 10 or 12 trains a day.

Check out Langley to see the chaos after every two-mile-long train goes through. And they have four overpasses and twice the track speed that Abbotsford has. Abbotsford has only one overpass.

Not to mention the occasional vehicle trying to run the crossing and getting hit by a train or a train hitting or running over a homeless person living right beside the tracks. These would create hours of delays waiting for the coroner and investigation! (eight to 10 hours to open a road after a fatality).

John Vaughan

Abbotsford News