Letter: Township budget process could use an overhaul

Editor: A proposed Township tax increase that can go from 1.95 per cent to 3.84 per cent, subject to council choosing from a wish list, reminds me of airline ticket add-ons. Except I can choose not to travel.

I suggest there is something seriously wrong with this budgeting and decision making process.

We were recently reminded by the Township director of human resources that the salaries of senior staff are justified by comparison to the corporate sector.

Just imagine corporate department heads making such a budgeting proposal without  substantiating business cases or priorities to a president / CEO and him / her carrying it all forward to the board of directors for a decision.

Needless to say, heads would roll.

Staff can be credited for a decision to delay funding for an additional bylaw officer to clamp down on illicit garbage dumping.

Dumping is a real problem in rural Langley, but what was this officer to do —  night time surveillance, forensic DNA studies of mattresses or serial number searches on electronics?

The Township spends about $400,000 per year on the clean up of illicit dumping.

Maybe this should go to tender and be contracted out.

Fortunately some council members recognize the need for process change.

All Township tax payers should hope it is soon.

Bob Robinson,


Langley Times

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