LETTER: Too much complacency

This complacency in every aspect of politics in Canada, is literally destroying our country...

It’s obvious to myself and the rest of the  one percent of Canadians that actively participate in our democracy, that the reason there’s been no resolution in the current teachers strike, is the other ninety-nine percent of the non-participating public, just assume that  we, the one percent, have got their backs in every situation.

Unfortunately this assumption is far from the truth.  But, if even just ten percent of the public, was politically involved, and actually cared how the country was run, there would have been so much squawking and protest over the summer, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now.

This complacency in every aspect of politics in Canada, is literally destroying our country.  There is a reason why ninety-nine percent have become complacent.

The reason for this complacency is, the Hong Kong style, top down politics, generated by Pierre Trudeau in 1963, who was first to place the Party’s name beside the candidate on the ballot, in order to control the candidate, in what he or she said.  This is only supported by our Party leaders, and is of grave cause for concern, in how our great Nation is run, and how our democratically elected MLA’s and MP’s are expected to participate after being elected.

I can guarantee you, that if these elected members had more say and were not dictated to by their leaders, our children and young adults would have been back in their classrooms on Sept. 2nd as scheduled.

The dangers of this style of politics is now evident with the current situation of the teachers strike, that shows no sign of compromise from either side.  This plan has been put in place by Christi Clark and her Education Minister Peter Fassbender.

Though the teachers and Jim Iker must share some of the responsibility, as they knew a large part of their contract was before the courts.  It is this lack of communicated negotiation that has made the situation unsolvable.

The leader of the Province, should have Legislated the teachers back to work until at least the issues before the courts were settled, and then at that time, both parties would have had a better understanding of what was negotiable and what wasn’t.

I personally blame this top down political system, and lack of democratic reform, for the cause of our education woes.  We should demand that the Supreme Court of Canada institute a ruling immediately.

I believe political reform could be instituted through the current Private Members bill, waiting it’s second reading in the House of Commons, called The Reform Act.  This Bill, originally instituted by Conservative Backbench MP, Michael Chong, and supported by all members of  the House, except for Prime Minister Harper and the Party leaders, is the tool needed to do what it says, reform politics in Canada.

This Bill would enable the elected members of both Provincial and Federal Governments to hold their leaders responsible for how the Government is run.  This way, Christi Clark or even the Prime Minister, could be held accountable by their caucuses, and not dictate bad policy, such as an unsolvable teachers strike implemented with obvious pre-meditation, to personally serve their political agendas.

Until, we get a court ruling, don’t expect any kind of leadership, especially from the Premier of the Province, whose personal motivation is to break the BCTF, and get re-elected.

Art Green, Hope

Abbotsford News