Letter to the editor: Thank you

A letter of thanks to the Quesnel RCMP for quick and kind service.


I live in Grand Forks, BC. My father lives 45 kilometres outside of Quesnel on West Fraser Road. My family became concerned for him as he lives out there alone and no one had been able to contact him for a few days. I called the Quesnel RCMP at 6 p.m. asking if they can do a welfare check at some point, even if it needs to wait until tomorrow considering the distance. The person I spoke to on the phone was gracious  and understanding and assured me they could check on him that evening.

By 8 p.m. I was assured that he was fine and and was talking to my dad. The constable that went out there there was genuinely caring and even showed him how to take his phone off vibrate so his family can call him!

I just want to express my thanks to these individuals for their quick and kind service. All too often we are quick to criticize public service employees and negligent with praise to them when it is due.


Grateful in Grand Forks



Quesnel Cariboo Observer