Letter To The Editor

I have the perfect solution to an ongoing problem.  The 3 1/2 acres of foreshore property owned by the people of Campbell River would be the ideal location for a much needed boat ramp/launching facility.  The entrance to the ramp could be at the southwest corner and there would be ample parking for trucks/boat trailers etc.  A walkway with picnic tables could also be placed on the waterside perimeter.

The problem we have right now is that we only have one decent boat ramp, Big Rock, with not enough parking. It is a zoo in the summer.  The ramp at the Marina should have a walkway down both sides as to speed up launching and retrieving  boats, and they also run out of parking spaces.

Campbell River is supposed to be the Salmon fishing capital of the world. With the fishing getting better every year, I cannot understand the way our councils past and present have ignored the problem, especially the councilors with several terms on Council. Maybe they don’t like fishing or just don’t care.

I know if I was a visitor and could not find a spot to park after launching I would head further north.

I hope my suggestion is not ignored but followed through as a good remedy.

Graeme Swain


Campbell River Mirror