LETTER: To the COVID deniers and the vaccine hesitant

From reader Cindy McCallum-Miller.

This is to the “hesitants” who haven’t decided whether to follow public health guidance on getting a vaccine and to the COVID deniers who believe COVID is not serious. I direct your attention to Alberta and Idaho where the entire health care system is crashing. Where a minority of the population (the unvaccinated) are taking up most or all the critical care beds, nurses and technicians for an illness that could have been prevented.

Where, if anyone needs hospitalization to give birth, or get treatment for a heart attack, or have a cancerous tumour removed, you may no longer have access because the COVID deniers have taken up all the resources. Where governments are begging their neighbour province/states to accept patients but there is no ability to receive them because all systems are stressed to the point of bursting.

Are you paying attention? What if your child needs to be rushed to emergency to save their life? What if your loved one has a stroke and needs immediate care? Too bad. There is no room anymore because resources are currently absorbed by COVID cases. Medical staff are at the point where they have to make decisions about who they can put in ICU and who will die because there are only so many beds, ventilators, technicians and nursing staff available. After nearly two years of a pandemic, the system and the providers are crashing from overuse.

If you are one of the few who have hesitated to get vaccinated because it wasn’t a priority, get it now because there may be no one left to help you with any health issue if we continue at the current rate of infection. If you are one of the deniers, who refuse to acknowledge the crisis we are in, you should also avoid going to the hospital and not take up space for an illness you don’t believe exists. Just go home, do some research on the internet, maybe take a shot of Ivermectin and curl up to see how that works for you. You can’t have it both ways. It is either real or it isn’t, so make up your mind now before it is too late.

Thank you to all the wonderful health care providers and to those who have been vaccinated. To everyone else I beg you to do the right thing so we can end this pandemic together.

Cindy McCallum Miller


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