Letter: Time now to make 16th Avenue safer

Dear Editor,

I have been watching closely the comments and actions of many in the public and on Township council over the past many months regarding the safety issues on 16th Avenue.

I have had many discussions with very passionate and well intended groups, individuals, and council members who have the best interests of Langley at heart.

I am no different.

I am a current resident of this community and have raised my children in this community for 35 years.

Langley should be proud of itself for being one of the top communities to live in the Lower Mainland and this province.

I truly believe progress is being made on a process to begin sooner than later in an effort to resolve the more immediate issues of safety upgrades to 16th Avenue, specifically controlled crossings.

That is evident by Councillor Charlie Fox’s motion to council to get road improvements such as traffic signals and pull-outs on the table.

I feel compelled to commend Coun. Fox for that motion and Coun. Kim Richter for her support of the motion and her comments regarding putting Langley first.

I thank the rest of Township council for referring the motion for further follow up and discussion, and not killing it at the table.

As a community, we have to work together with our elected officials, rather than making their jobs more difficult by unsubstantiated and unnecessary criticism.

They live in this community as well and want a safe community as much as anyone else.

However, they have very difficult decisions to make regarding the 16th Avenue issue that requires sober thought and reflection along with obtaining all possible facts and input.

I am convinced that council has heard the South Langley citizens regarding our safety concerns, and inability to cross and enter 16th Avenue safely.

They are now trying to find a resolution sooner than later.

We need to assist them in that process whenever and wherever possible.

I am sure council realizes what the ultimate costs could be to this community if there is yet again inaction on this issue.

Now is the time to finally move forward on 16th Avenue and find the funding to start the process of making it a whole lot safer for those of us, and there are many, who put our lives at risk every day trying to cross and enter 16th Avenue at uncontrolled intersections.

Traffic signals and pull-outs are a great and long overdue immediate step.

Peter Thiessen, South Langley



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