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LETTER: The choice is part of the problem, or part of the solution

It "makes me sick" to see and hear about anti vaccine and masks movement


It “makes me sick” to see and hear about anti vaccine and masks movement. These selfish people are relying on the people that are responsible enough to cope with the mutateable virus.

Especially when they make it a freedom issue, or health issue, and especially if they are part of the health care system – shame on you. You should find other work.

You talk about pro choice, but you don’t consider the impact you have on others. Actually, I don’t think anybody that has refused to be vaccinated should be allowed in the hospital when they do get sick. Every freedom has its price; pay for your own. Ask your doctor what you should do. If your doctor thinks you should not get vaccinated, then that may be a consideration.

I am a recently retired care aide. I have listened to co-workers call the vaccination “the mark of the devil, a Bill Gates chip, a DNA experiment, a health risk.”

These things stated while some of them are sucking down their cigarettes. I’ll bet Walt Cobb has been vaccinated. He is just using “pro choice” as a popular buzz word.

Rick Matthews

Williams Lake

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