The Doxtator family is happy to have their cat home after a case of mistaken identify. (Photo submitted)

LETTER: Thanks to RCMP, neighbours our beloved cat Louise was brought home

She was taken from outside our home in Williams Lake


I would like to give a special thanks to the Williams Lake RCMP and our awesome neighbors.

On the last day of 2020 we had someone mistaken our cat for one that they had lost earlier in the year and took our cat, (thinking, what a terrible way to end this dreaded year). Thanks to the quick thinking of our wonderful neighbors, they took down the vehicle description and license plate number as they witnessed the event.

Upon our neighbours talking to us, we were able to review our cameras and get confirmation of the time and vehicle that was used. The RCMP were called and they came to investigate the situation. Upon reviewing the camera and video footage, and speaking with our neighbors, they had enough information to go on.

Later that night the RCMP called us to let us know that it was a rural address linked to the vehicle and since it was already dark, they would not go out that night, but the following morning. By 1 p.m. we never heard anything from the RCMP, so we made the decision to talk to our children and let them know what had happened to Louise. They were devastated, and the crocodile tears started flowing. After letting them know we had to stay positive, and we were hopeful that Louise would be returned to us, they felt some comfort but still very much upset and missing her.

Around 2 p.m. we heard the doorbell ring, and after a quick view of the camera, we saw the RCMP with an animal carrier in his arms. The kids were called and they quickly ran down the stairs to answer the door and to their surprise, the RCMP had our beloved cat with him. After an explanation on what had transpired, we were relieved that this was not a malice act, but a mistaken identity.

We are very grateful that the RCMP would act on such a situation. To many, she is just a cat, but to us, she is part of our family. Needless to say, the New Year started off great for us.

Thanks again to our amazing neighbors who went above and beyond to let us know what had happened and to be quick enough to take down the information, and thanks to the wonderful officers who were involved with handling the call we put in.

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The Doxtator Family

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