Letter: Thanks to City for top-tier service

Editor: Just a recurring letter of thanks to the Langley City municipal workers involved with the snow removal of 2016/17.

While the City has about 85 kilometres of roads within its four square miles, they always seem to rise to the challenge and keep us with pretty much bare pavement.

Digging out the plow windrow in front of my driveway provides me with some good exercise, and I hold no malice with regard to that work created.

As City taxpayers grumble over this year’s increased tax bill, remember the storm service we enjoyed, and all the top-tier municipal services we get in general.

Using the request for service from the City website is very successful, getting a catch basin cleaned, trees pruned, or street light repairs conducted the turn around/task completion time is excellent.

In closing, thanks again to City workers for a job well done.

Remember to vote no on amalgamation. That talk will start again in a couple of years.

M.F. Campbell,

Langley City

Langley Times