Letter: Survey shows what Libs really think of voters

What a vague and stupid survey—please take it yourself and see first hand wha tthe Liberals think of the voters.

To the editor:

It is now, very clear by their language, that the Liberals will back-peddle on their promise for a fair voting system—a change for better choice and fair choice.

The Liberals are afraid of the change since the change will make them give up the dictatorship of a party with less than 40 per cent of the vote to a house of parliament with MPs that will actually have a say and not have to wait for an appointment to speak or be forced to vote party lines.

Regarding forcing voters to vote: That is nonsense. A system of tax credits for voting will get most people out to scratch their ballot.

This tax credit can be adjusted by the tax rate for all. This is an incentive not a punishment. Your voting ballot will have the tax slip attached to include with your tax return. Not complicated at all.

Remember Mr. Harper did not introduce the choice to change first-past-the-post either—the Liberals did make the promise but will they keep it?

Please don’t hold your breath waiting for the change—there is a mere six months to introduce the brief.

Canadians of 16 years of age can read and write so why should they not be encouraged to vote? The more the merrier.

Voting online is not safe—the computers can be hacked and controlled by the P3 contractor that will be in charge—I am sure—a sure vote for the party in power.

The speech by the Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef in the house clearly shows what the Liberals think about us Canadians—contempt.

Please show the Liberals some contempt at the voting booth next election if they fail to keep their promise. Thanks

Jorgen Hansen, Kelowna, BC


Kelowna Capital News