LETTER: Struggle to get builders licence

To the Editor

To the Editor

Hi my name is Mark. I have been battling with the provincial government for almost a year now to obtain a builders licence. This comes after changes to laws that govern how a new license is acquired making the process much harder than before.

I have run my own company as a general contractor for 10 years now and am experienced in all aspects of running a business and of this industry. Even so the government has been fighting me every step of the way and have delayed the process for almost a year now.

The only progress I have made was due to my local MLA helping me to put pressure on BC Housings’ Licensing and Consumer Services, who are the ones responsible for improperly implementing these changes.

This change was to exclude inexperienced people from building unsafe houses and I am behind that.

What has happened though is applicants with experience who should be the next generation of builders, are being delayed, hassled and denied. Due to other new rules pertaining to existing license holders many of the most successful and experienced builders are also giving up their accreditation and retiring.

What we are left with is an industry that is worse off than if nothing had been done.

I want to bring new applicants, existing builders and anyone willing to help, together to try and make a change for the better.

Mark Johnston


Danmark Contracting

2526 Quill Drive Nanaimo BC V9T-3X2

tel 250-714-3361 email mark2005@telus.net

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